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The Philippine Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) informed the Philippine Embassy that some private individuals have been using the good name and goodwill of the Government Service Insurance System in securing reinsurance contracts in London and Australia without the GSIS’ authority. 

Upon verification, it was revealed that the reinsurance contracts/claims are fraudulent and the persons invoked are either retired or not even connected with the GSIS. 

A notice issued by GSIS President and General Manager Robert G. Vergara states that: 

“The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) hereby notifies concerned parties that the following persons have not been authorized by the GSIS, either individually or in concert, to enter into any Reinsurance Agreement/Contract on behalf of the GSIS: 

  • Efren O. Docena;
  • Roberto C. Ibasco; and
  • Arnulfo R. Madriaga.

The GSIS assumes no responsibility to compensate or indemnify any party for any contract or agreement entered into in violation of the above-mentioned policy.”

In view hereof, the Embassy reminds all Filipinos to be vigilant against this kind of scam. 
Please be guided accordingly.